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We are sick and tired of our cell numbers being sold or given to 3rd parties so they can call us and text us at all hours of the day and night. Please sign the petition so we can get congress to make cell phones off limits to marketing calls and marketing texts. While here, report marketing callers and texters so we can have plenty of examples to provide.

Nobody enjoys having their lives interrupted by telemarketers, but when those telemarketers come to you by way of your cell phone, it it much worse. Not only can you be annoyed anywhere you go now, but it can cost you minutes, or if you're over your minutes, it can cost you in overages.

If calling you wasn't enough, many marketers are now turning to text messages to annoy you even farther and cost you more in overages and text message rates!

With many states now having strict laws on when and where you can use your phone, you could even be hit with steep fines if you happen to answer one of these calls while driving.

Join us by adding your name to our Online Petition to have congress regulate how marketers can use your cell phone, and help stop the abusive practices they have adopted.

You can also File A Report against a number that has either called your without you asking them, or has sent you a spam text message.

I would hope to have 1 million signatures by January 1st, 2013. At that time, the petition will be presented to a member of congress to consider introducing a bill that would ban unsolicited calls and texts from cell phones.

Every month, telemarketers cost cell phone customers thousands of dollars in cell phone minute overages and in unsolicited text messages. With your help, we can stop this from happening to people. Please Sign our petition today. If you've already signed the petition, please come back often, and record any unsolicited phone calls and text messages you receive. Help us keep fighting!

Don't forget to check out our list of Reported SPAM Call Offenders.